Authorized Retailer

Authorized Retailer

Kitchen Intrigue is a trusted authorized retailer of all products we sell on our website.

Why Buy from an Authorized Retailer?

  • Customer service ready to assist with product questions
  • Manufacturer’s warranties are honored
    • Products will be repaired or replaced by manufacturer (For more info, refer to Shipping & Returns tab of your specific Product Page)
Unauthorized Retailer

Many auction sites are unauthorized retailer of the products they sell. Please protect yourself and always be informed before making a purchase online.

The Dark Side of Buying from an Unauthorized Retailer

  • Defective merchandise
  • Fake/counterfeit products
  • Products that have been tampered with before purchase
  • Used and refurbished products that are marketed as “new”
  • No manufacturer’s warranty
    • Products cannot be repaired or replaced

 We are proud to be an Authorized Retailer and Ambassadors of…


 Stone County Ironworks Authorized Retailer           Chris and Chris Authorized Retailer           Organize It All Authorized Retailer           Winsome Authorized Retailer          Enclume Authorized Retailer



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